Gibsons Public Market

Our Society

Our Society

Gibsons Community Building Society is a registered, not-for-profit society created to build and operate Gibsons Public Market and Nicholas Sonntag Tidepools Aquarium. It is governed by volunteer Boards of Directors and Governors.


We believe that communities thrive and are made resilient through shared acts of citizenship, connection, celebration and cooperation. By providing space for our neighbours, guests and visitors to gather together and enjoy one another’s company, we are perpetuating a way of life that is decidedly joyful and unapologetically Coastal.


We believe that the ocean connects us to all of life and to each other. We are inspired by the mystery, wonder, and magic of the undersea world at our doorstep. Through our collect-hold-release aquarium, extended classroom programming for school-aged learners, public lectures, Spring and Summer Camps for children, and other special events, the Nicholas Sonntag Tidepools Aquarium is fostering a community that actively cares for the health of our ocean.


We believe that community and economic development are inextricably linked – connected through people, purpose and place. Gibsons Public Market is home to six local food merchants and an award-winning bistro, hosts seasonal markets, and operates a commissary kitchen for food-based livelihood entrepreneurs.

Incorporation Number: S0067096 / Business Number: 83442 9771

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