Gibsons Public Market

About Us


We connect people to foster a healthier, more social, and caring community.

Gibsons Public Market creates high quality social connections through inviting spaces and innovative programming, helping to overcome isolation and build a stronger more caring community.



We inspire sustainable behaviour for the health of our ocean and planet.

The Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre’s collect-hold-release aquarium and programming introduces learners of all ages to the mystery, wonder and magic of the undersea world at our door step, fostering a community that deeply cares for the health of our ocean.


We create opportunities for artists and entrepreneurs to foster community economic development.

Our bustling market is home to six local merchants and an award-winning bistro, and hosts a wide range of opportunities for local entrepreneurs including a commissary kitchen, seasonal markets, art shows and musical performances.

Andrea from Shaggy Jacks Market

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