Gibsons Public Market

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Winter Market

Winter Market

Our first Winter Market, in 2017, introduced itself to the community with a large tent out front, the smells of fresh soup and other delights drifting from it. Hot chocolate in hand, guests entered Gibsons Public Market and were immediately enchanted by the transformation of our community space. 10-foot colourful cottages surrounded them, twinkling lights stretched from floor to ceiling, vendor booths were set-up throughout, and “Scuba-Claus” was happily waving to everyone from inside the large Salish Sea fish tank. The sound of holiday carolers topped off the experience.

Our Winter Market evolved over the following years, but one thing always stayed the same – the holiday magic!

Our Winter Market also promotes buying local, highlighting the importance of keeping dollars in your own community and supporting your local businesses while finding just the right gift for your loved ones.

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