Gibsons Public Market

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Meet our People

Our first contact with the Market was a tour offered by Georgy Good when the Market was nearing completion. We were impressed by the vision of the market as a community hub and a gathering place which could host a variety of activities.
Murray PVolunteer
I love seeing the regulars. The people who come in every week and enjoy a meal at Emelle’s and then head downstairs to pick up their groceries. It’s nice to be that place where they can relax.
Kerri LGCBS Staff Member
I quit my office job to live the dream and start a bakery. I never thought the best part of owning my own business would be the customers.
Cam POwner, Crazy Red’s Breads
I love the energy and vibe of the Market and the quality of the merchants. The opportunity to finally start my own business and bring quality miso food to the community has been wonderful. I love working in such a vibrant place.
Masafumi OOwner, Oh Miso!
The three days our daughter spent at camp was the best three days of fun and education she has had in a while… I loved hearing the excitement in her voice.
A Grateful Parent
It has been a fantastic experience having the Gibsons Public Market host our Black History Month annually. We are very grateful and recommend this great facility. Many, many thanks!
Lyabo OEvent Organizer