Gibsons Public Market

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Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits


Nadine Sallinen on Display until December 9th

Nadine Sallinen

Nadine Sallinen lives in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast of BC.
She finds peace and enjoyment from drawing and painting and
being able to explore the use of different mediums and
techniques. Her current medium of choice is soft pastels.

Living on the Coast allows Nadine to find inspiration from local
curiosities, scenery, and wildlife. Also while being at home she
explores the internet for other scenes that excite her from other
locations and pictures she has taken from her distant travels.
Nadine has gained an appreciation for other people’s artworks
mainly through the art crawl on the Sunshine Coast. It has given
her courage to step out and allow others to view her creations

These pieces of art she has completed were to explore different
mediums to find the one she’d enjoy the most. Her vision for this
exhibition would be to see how the public reacts to these chosen
pieces to understand where her creative expressions are
embraced the most.