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on Apr 20, 17
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The public market is a one-of-a-kind project that could only be realized through a progressive partnership spearheaded by four local organizations sharing the vision of a Sunshine Coast community gathering place that contributes to the quality of life for residents and visitors: Gibsons Community Building Society, Town of Gibsons, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and Community Futures of the Sunshine Coast.
Project partners continue to be significantly involved in the leadership and operations of the facility as they each bring strengths that are key to the long-term viability and sustained success of the project.
In March 2017, the public market opened after three and half years and more than $4 million raised through the hard work of its growing number of dedicated supporters. The project has achieved unprecedented success on the Sunshine Coast in terms of fundraising, volunteer engagement, community support and donations from professionals and trades on the Coast and beyond.
The funding model of the public market is an innovative blend of donations and grants, and revenue generation through space rentals, community programming and commercial activity that together subsidize public amenities accessible for little or no cost. “Placemaking” is important to fostering public gathering, learning and other activities that contribute to a livable and vibrant community. Keeping these spaces protected requires on-going fundraising efforts (i.e., annual gala).

All forms of contributions are helpful, including furnishings and in-kind expertise donated in support of the project.
Donations of more than $1000 are recognized on our “giving tree” (pictured above), in the entrance of the public market. If you wish to make a donation to the public market, please contact us at 604-886-8814.

The Public Market succeeds through the engagement of community volunteers including our board. 
Contact us for more information to get involved:

604-886-8814 or

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