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For the Gibsons Community Building Society, proud operator of the Gibsons Public Market and the Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre, 2019 ended with bright optimism for an exciting 2020. However, by mid-March our routines and personal lives were heavily disrupted by a global pandemic.

What better way to learn the true nature of an individual than to see them in action during a time of uncertainty and upheaval. I am continuously humbled by the incredibly resilient, committed and talented people we have working for and alongside us. As an organization and a community, we have risen beyond the unique challenges faced by us these many months.

In a year that tested all assumptions, we have anchored ourselves to our enduring mission and vision. Our team continues to identify opportunities to re-imagine how we bring people together again and support the economic development of the Sunshine Coast, through placemaking initiatives, social enterprise, and our vibrant Public Market. The Marine Education Centre has also adapted to safely engage with community members and continue providing educational programming for local schools.

Where we encountered incredible struggle we also witnessed incredible support. Thank you, for showing up in so many ways! We look forward to continuing this journey together.

VICKI RAW, Executive Director

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The Gibsons Public Market is operated by the Gibsons Community Building Society and led by a volunteer-led Board of Directors and a Board of Governors.

Board of Directors

Pam Robertson*, President

Jonah Spiegelman*, Vice President

Hardy Forzley*, Treasurer

Debbie Amaral*, Secretary

Lis Welch*, Member at Large

Directors: James Askew, Dave Biggs, Carol Carr-Anderson, Unni Claridge, Georgy Good, Ralph Hilton, Michelle Hunt, Errol Lipschitz, Julie Reeves, Marc Soprovich, David Sverre, Cally Wesson

(*Member of Executive Committee)

Board of Governors

Darren Entwistle, Honorary Chair

Lis Welch, Chair

Deborah Baker, Joann Hetherington, Patrica Hetherington, Dolores Houghton, Gerry Humphries, Franziska Kaltenegger, Peter Kvarnstrom, Bill Longman, Anastase Maragos, Pam Robertson, Doug Rogers, Charlene Sanjenko

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