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2019 was another banner year for Gibsons Community Building Society, Gibsons Public Market and the Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre: attendance at our events and community programs continues to rise as more and more residents and visitors to the Coast discover the value of what we’re building together; our gathering spaces and placemaking activities are creating meaningful impact; we celebrated new partnerships, we welcomed new merchants, we launched new initiatives, and we set our sights on exploring new pathways to realize our vision for community.

We believe that placemaking is a powerful tool for the creation of healthy, inclusive and
beloved communities. Through inspired community and educational programming, we
endeavour to turn the spaces we live into the places we love. Fostering deeper connections between neighbours and friends, supporting the entrepreneurial spirit that powers local economic development, and holding space for hope-filled conversations about clean growth and climate change are the thematic pillars that gird our efforts. The myriad ways that you show up to celebrate and contribute to this work tells us that we’re on the right path.

This report is our expression of thanks and our invitation for your continued support.

Read the 2019 Report to Community

Report to Community 2018


The Gibsons Public Market is operated by the Gibsons Community Building Society and led by a volunteer-led Board of Directors and a Board of Governors.

Board of Directors

Pam Robertson*, President

Jonah Spiegelman*, Vice President

Hardy Forzley*, Treasurer

Debbie Amaral*, Secretary

Lis Welch*, Member at Large

Directors: Dave Biggs, Lindsay Cole, Unni Claridge, Georgy Good, Ralph Hilton, Errol Lipschitz, Julie Reeves, Marc Soprovich, David Sverre, Cally Wesson

(*Member of Executive Committee)

Board of Governors

Darren Entwistle, Honorary Chair

Lis Welch, Chair

Deborah Baker, Sally Graham, Joann Hetherington, Patrica Hetherington, Dolores Houghton, Gerry Humphries, Franziska Kaltenegger, Peter Kvarnstrom, Bill Longman, Anastase Maragos, Pam Robertson, Doug Rogers

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