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The Gibsons Public Market is operated by the Gibsons Community Building Society and led by a volunteer-led Board of Directors and a Board of Governors.

Board of Directors

Pam Robertson*, President
Jonah Spiegelman*, Vice President
Hardy Forzley*, Treasurer
Debbie Amaral*, Secretary
Lis Welch*, Member at Large
Directors: Deborah Baker, Dave Biggs, Unni Claridge, Rachel Dempster, Hardy Forzley, Georgy Good, Christopher Kelly, Fran Miller, Michelle Peterson, Julie Reeves, Marc Soprovich, David Sverre, Lis Welch, Nancy Zipursky

(*Member of Executive Committee)


Board of Governors

Darren Entwistle, Honorary Chair
Lis Welch, Chair
Sally Graham, Joann Hetherington, Patrica Hetherington, Dolores Houghton, Franziska Kaltenegger, Peter Kvarnstrom, Bill Longman, Anastase Maragos, Pam Robertson, Doug Rogers, Gerry Zipursky




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