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Featuring  Helen Platt, and David Emerson Hall

Helen Platt


Helen Platt lives in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. After a 20 year career as a
graphic artist, Helen has turned her focus to painting among other creative projects.
Working in fluid acrylic and mixed media, Helen creates intuitively, responding to the
dynamic nature of the medium. Highly saturated colours and crisp edges are balanced
with soft veiling and quiet negative space, all emergent features of the acrylic medium.
Natural forms surface prominently, reflecting the rugged coastal forest where she lives
and paints.

“For me, the joy in creating lies in a journey of experimentation. As I explore new
materials and ideas my artwork continually evolves. It’s this process of play, and a
willingness to experiment without fear that enables me to grow as an artist. My art
reflects my process with work spanning fluid media and mixed media, to laser cutting
and 3D printing.”








David Emerson Hall


David was born and raised in Burlington Ontario.  He attended Seneca College
of Applied Arts and York University where he majored in English and Philosophy.
David was drawn westward to the birthplace of his Mother and has been a resident of B.C. most of his life.

While raising a family in Vancouver he established a busy Painting and Paper Hanging
business.    David built an art studio on his Dunbar property and was discovered
as an emerging artist by many of his clients.  He participated in numerous Art Shows including
a Solo Show at The Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver and Malaspina Print Makers
on Granville Island.  He designed several Wallpapers for a specialty wallpaper company and
the “Parrot Fly” was featured in New York City Fashion Week in the Mercedes Lounge.

He now resides in Gibsons B. C. on the inspiring Sunshine Coast.