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Featuring  Suzy Naylor and Brian Romer


The Gibsons Public Market is proud to feature local artists on a rotating basic. This month we are excited to feature the Brian Romer and Suzy Naylor. They will be on display until October 25.

We will be a participating venue for the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl from October 23-25. Brian and Suzy will be onsite from 11:30 to 1:30 on Saturday Oct 24 and Sunday Oct 25. For more information on the art crawl please visit


Brian Romer

From A Coastal Point of View

For some forty years, I have painted the land up and down the entire Sunshine Coast, that I know and love well. Although an abstract artist when I was younger, I now paint in what I call the Canadian landscape tradition. This means paying attention to the natural beauty of our land, but also trying to clearly express my interpretation of its essence and spirit.

I paint almost every day, mostly smaller paintings, so that I can capture the moods, colours, weather and seasons swiftly and spontaneously. Some of these later become larger works in the studio, but my first love is to start quickly, paint faster and finish before any second thoughts occur. I hope that my strong love of the Sunshine Coast, is clearly evidenced in this group of paintings.








Suzy Naylor


I am a painter living in Roberts Creek for the past 23 years. I’ve always loved to paint, but only started focusing on it since I came to the Sunshine Coast.

Over the years, I have taken some classes and workshops, but mostly I just bumbled along. About 15 years ago I met Greta Guzek. She is a wonderful Sunshine Coast painter and a fabulous teacher. To my everlasting joy, she agreed to be my art mentor, and has helped me put some direction to my bumbling.

My art is about the process of painting. I am fascinated by what happens when I move paint around on a canvas. The subject matter of the painting is only the excuse to play with the paint. What intrigues me about paint is how it can be manipulated, which is why I have chosen to work with acrylics. There seems to be no end to the possible effects that can be achieved with them.

When I look at the world, first and foremost, I see colour. Shapes and forms are vessels for holding the colour. The real joy for me in painting is seeing what emerges on the canvas, responding to it with a brush stroke or mark, seeing what emerges and then responding — and back and forth until one of us (the canvas or I) says: “Done!”

Some of my work as been turned into wearable art by a Montreal company Le Galerista (
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