The Art of Chocolate

October 21, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
We are celebrating the 2017 Art Crawl with artisan chocolate!
Join Art meets Chocolate master chocolatier Sylvia Punguntzky in the CIBC Community Kitchen and learn about single origin chocolate.
This session, complete with chocolate tasting, will change how you think of chocolate! Learn about the profile of chocolate from different parts of the world and use your taste buds to appreciate the difference of premium, organic and fair or direct trade chocolate combined with quality ingredients that are locally sourced (whenever possible).
Information session is free and tasting is $15/person. Please register for this event at the Art meets Chocolate studio or call 604-330-5774.
What is “single origin chocolate?”
Single origin chocolate is chocolate made from beans from one region, sometimes even one farm. Chocolate connoisseurs argue that chocolate has varied tastes and such tastes depend upon where it is grown. When chocolate is made from beans from many different areas, taste distinction is more difficult to discern.

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