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Now at Gibsons Public Market:

from June 11 – August 16, 2019

Julia Dodge & Justen Zacharias

Julia Dodge: Artist’s Statement

“Colour, form, and composition and how these 3 affect the viewer psychologically and physically are what drives my painting. With each exhibition that I have done, I choose a subject matter that is something we overlook, ignore, or no longer see its value. To that end, my paintings are representational but I make no attempt to simply copy what I see but rather use it to explore my main objectives of colour form and composition. I would prefer the viewer didn’t know exactly what it is I’m looking at. Like Monet once said,” In order to really see, we must forget the names of the thing we are looking at.” One of my favourite artists is Rothko.

For this exhibition, I have chosen subjects that are worn down, washed up and aged: stones, flotsam and jetsam. By painting these, I try to show the strong beauty that is overlooked. While teaching Visual Arts in Secondary schools, I did exhibit my paintings in various shows, but after I finished teaching full time, I painted full time and had 3 solo exhibitions in St. Catharines, Ontario. One at the Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake, one at Brock University, one at Niagara Artist’s Centre where I received a small exhibition grant from OAC and one here at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre”

You can get in touch with Julia via:



Justen Zacharias: Artist’s Statement

“The Coast is a great place to be inspired and the natural beauty makes it a great place for photography. My 4-year-old son and I spend a lot of time on the trails and beaches here and I felt since we were always heading out to beautiful places, I would try to capture some of that beauty.  I’ve always wanted to do photography and moving to the Coast gave me the inspiration and opportunity to pursue it.

All the photos and frames displayed were taken and made by JZachphotography on the Sunshine Coast. The photo frames are made from wood from the Sunshine Coast”.

You can get in touch with Justen via:

Facebook: JZach Photography

Instagram: jzachphotography



A big ‘Thank You’ to The Landing Artists for their generosity in donating the artwork hanging system at Gibsons Public Market.


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