The public market will be a new community hub for
the entire Sunshine Coast, opening in late Fall 2016.

We will be so much more than a market!
If you’re just finding out about us, watch a quick overview.


market vendors

Join supporters–donate in-kind, expertise,
materials or contribute to the project

We asked some of our donors why they support the public market, here’s what they had to say.




Friday Farmers’ Market

11 a.m. – 3 p.m. , June 3 – Sept 30

With construction underway at the public market, the weekly Farmers’ Market will be held at
Dougall Park, just around the corner from the Gibsons Public Market (less than 200 steps away!)
Click here for information or to meet our vendors.




  • IMG_4317

    Vision + Partners

    A vibrant year-round community gathering place that fosters sustainability for the Town of Gibsons, neighbouring islands and Sunshine Coast residents...
  • IMG_3262


    After hosting more than 200 special events and 40 “mini” Friday Farmers Markets, the community hub is in final fundraising mode with construction...
  • GPM exterior 2015


    Flip through the project renderings for a virtual tour of the the Gibsons Public Market community hub  ...
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    6-Day a Week Community Hub

    Looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon? The Gibsons Public Market hub will be open all year, six days a week, and become a go-to place...
  • PH animal display

    Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre

    Visitors of all ages will forever remember the roughness of the sea star, the squirt of the sea cucumber and the spikes of the urchin. The Centre...
  • Community-Kitchen

    CIBC Community Kitchen

    Skills building for nutritious and budget-friendly meal planning, cooking, food shopping and preservation The CIBC Community Kitchen will become a...

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With the Gibsons Public Market Affinity Program, annual membership gives you access to deals from service
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Membership applications can be processed online if you are paying with a credit card.
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